Buy marquetry exclusive gifts in New York USA.

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Buy marquetry exclusive gifts in New York USA.

Marquetry Exclusive gifts in New York - marquetry technique has long been called dialer tree is an art form to create the ornament of mosaic elements. The pattern may be of varying complexity, a technique in which the timber is connected to all types of wood. To achieve visualization effect masters use veneer of various hues, rich color wood, shell, mother of pearl items, and many other materials. In the Middle Ages, first used the technique of marquetry, the master appeared in the Muslim world. At the moment, this technique works very few masters, they hide this technology to create art so valued as a unique, highly skilled craftsmen who are faithful to the traditions of crafts. In our shop team works close-knit team whose main goal is to develop this technique, to provide for the Russian market of high-end products. Our experts with years of experience, a large range of technical resources, thanks to the design of our products can be manufactured in a variety of styles, you can order a varied interior in the design of furniture styles can also be different options, such as classical and modern. The team of our shop, offers you the following services: manufacture of various furniture products, such as bedrooms, hallways, closets and more. Finish interior wood, for example, wall panel, arch, front doors and interior doors. Do instruktatsiyu the order, it can be a door linings. We are constantly improving, participating in trade shows, our experts have the diploma of the Moscow Union of Architects, with the introduction of technologies in the creation of furniture products. We constantly strive to make our work with clients has been a long-term and mutually beneficial. Buying products masters of our shop, you will gain not only a quality product, but also in time to meet the deadline. Terms that are prescribed in the agreement will be strictly observed. For each client we have individual approach, a guarantee for many years. Customers of our shop we offer a visit to the exhibition management products in retail outlets.

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